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KEF was founded in September 2003!

KEF is an aggressively growth-oriented business!

KEF owns a self-disciplined team!

KEF is appraised as a state-level high-tech enterprise!

KEF has applied for over 100 patents!

Expertise of KEF: offer technologically advanced and efficient equipment and service and provide solutions for glass finishing, lamination, bubble removal and film stripping with regard to LCD module (LCM), touch window (TOUCH PANEL) and multifunctional protective window etc.

Shenzhen KEF Industrial Equipment Limited (hereinafter referred to as KEF) is a senior R&D and protection-oriented company with more than 10 years of technology and talent accumulation. . KEF has set a solid foundation for rapid upgrading of products in the ever-changing photoelectric industry! . Besides, KEF has established close technical cooperation with Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and can thus continuously introduce advanced international processes and technologies to China. . As a result, KEF is recognized as a state-level high-tech enterprise!

KEF’s principal products are glass finishing equipment, laminating equipment, bubble removing equipment and film stripping equipment. . Such equipment is mainly designed to address technical issues such as registration, wrinkles, bubbles, efficiency and yield rate with regard to LCD module (LCM), touch window (TOUTH PANEL) and multifunctional protective window etc. . KEF’s bubble remover incorporates undisputed leading technology of the industry; glass finishing equipment is developed to suit the requirements of one-glass processing in future, provide high-efficiency solutions for cutting, edging and engraving of single-piece glass and establish a leading competitive advantage for customers!

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