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说明: The development and application of 3D window and other future new-style windows provides KEF with the capacity to support the development of new technology and offers perfect supporting solutions.
案例名称: Touch Panel service
说明: TOUTH PANEL technology provides a full set of laminating solutions for resistance-type, pure screen-type, capacitance-type and subsequent OGS modules. . DT series of equipment is suitable for the TP process of lamination between FLIM and OCA and the process of combination between ITO and GLASS and can satisfy the requirements for large-piece lamination between multiple layers and different materials. . ZT series of products are ideal for seamless lamination between capacitive upper & lower glass panel or TP module and LCM and constitute an effective solution to bubbles and flow rings that occur during lamination. . ZT rotating disc-type vacuum equipment incorporates the requirements of liquid adhesive and solid adhesive technologies; the entire technological process is implemented in a...
案例名称: LCM service
说明: Combination technologies LCM and LENS - Frequently encountered problems are normally related with registration, bubble and efficiency; our PT series of products perfectly suit LCM combination process of various sizes, commendably solve problems of registration and wrinkles that exist during the combination of PO and PANEL, and can improve the overall production productivity through repetitive operation of equipment; on the basis of resolving above-noted problems, AT series of products are designed to realize complete automation of production process and achieve fully automatic integration with client’s existing process, and thus providing stronger guarantee for working efficiency and product yield stability. . In addition, KA series of bubble removal technology plays a crucial role in the ...
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