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说明: Published:10/09/2012  | Views:957 Panel factory Friends Damien years the number of TV panel shipments to Japanese companies Sony, at least over this year has grown fourfold, up to $ 6,000,000, the first time, replacing Samsung, Sony TV panel suppliers, to accelerate the "go to Samsung" era coming. In addition, AUO panel also began shipping to Apple iPad mini, large single take-all medium and small-size panels, AUO-take-all medium and small-sized panel single operating performance will be significantly improved. Global panel industry the forces reorganization, AUO the alliance Sony, Hon Hai hand in Sharp (Sharp), "Taiwan-Japan cooperation, anti-Korean" situation established. However, Taiwan panel the foundries stressed: "will not give up at the same time streng...
说明: Published:09/24/2012  | Views:969 Being held in Boston, the world’s largest display Society "2012 SID International Symposium, Seminar & Exhibition (Display Week 2012) "(SID 2012) after the opening of the second day of June 4, 2012 (local time) Business meetings. In the first meeting, "Display Executive Keynote Session", the two display glass substrate manufacturers - Corning and Asahi Glass of Japan has stage prospects for the display and the glass substrate. The display industry is now at a turning point. Had previously been in the towing industry to the development of large-size TV panel market growth tends to slow down, while Smartphone use as the center of the small and medium size panel and touch panel demand is growing rapidly. Moreover, the display tech...
说明: Published:10/09/2012 | Views:463Detailed updates in ....
说明: Published:10/09/2012 | Views:434Detailed updates in ....
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