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AUO replaced by Samsung into a Sony TV panel supply leading

日期: 2012-10-09
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Published:10/09/2012  | Views:957

Panel factory Friends Damien years the number of TV panel shipments to Japanese companies Sony, at least over this year has grown fourfold, up to $ 6,000,000, the first time, replacing Samsung, Sony TV panel suppliers, to accelerate the "go to Samsung" era coming.

In addition, AUO panel also began shipping to Apple iPad mini, large single take-all medium and small-size panels, AUO-take-all medium and small-sized panel single operating performance will be significantly improved.

Global panel industry the forces reorganization, AUO the alliance Sony, Hon Hai hand in Sharp (Sharp), "Taiwan-Japan cooperation, anti-Korean" situation established. However, Taiwan panel the foundries stressed: "will not give up at the same time strengthen the cooperative relationship with the Japanese brand factory, the brand factory orders in Korea."

AUO speech system yesterday (3), said: "for a single customer contacts, inconvenience comment." AUO TV panels major customers are Samsung, Sony and expand more than four times the orders will allow AUO TV panels shipping large storm rushed.

To WitsView Associate Liuchen Hong said, Sony and Samsung joint venture, S-LCD factory has lifted a joint venture between Sony is lowering procurement panel to Samsung this year Sony to buy Samsung TV panels account for most sudden can not entirely replace, but the next year from Sony will have a lot of flexibility in order to fully embrace AUO.

Liu Chenhong AUO every effort to secure the great response to Sony TV panel strategy, has been Sony in the high-level instructions.

AUO this year to supply Sony TV panel less than 1 million, but the next year at least 5 million, the most optimistic of up to 6 million, will occupy Sony shipments over half of Sony’s most important source of supply of the TV panel.

AUO has long been in close cooperation relationship with Sony, It is understood that the third quarter of volume production shipments of AUO 4.3-inch active organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) phone panel is shipped to Sony, AUO AMOLED capacity limited can only supply a customer, other customers have to less than capacity.

, Sony troops have been stationed the AUO 6G fab, the two sides work together to develop AMOLED TV panel, is expected to showcase products out there will be by the end of this year, coupled with Panasonic AUO also joined with the Sony camp, makes AUO TV panel that the next generation AMOLED , but also to seize the initiative.

In addition to Sony, another major customer, Apple iPad mini panel, AUO since August production shipments, yield and shipping are quite normal, single monthly shipments of more than 2 million, Outside estimates iPad mini the single monthly shipments is expected to debut in October, will climb to 5 million.

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