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In-cell expensive segment module fit foundries high risk

日期: 2012-10-09
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Published:10/09/2012  | Views:533

Beijing on September 5, market recently came out, Apple Apple new generation of smart phones iPhone 5 is coming soon, but integrated Touch function TFT-LCD panel suppliers in-cell Sharp Sharp after module lamination yieldthe low posterior segment module fit entrusted to fit yield the highest touch panel module makers TPK TPK foundry. TPK TPK has denied that the outside world is still ongoing discussion. In this regard, the market research firm WitsView analyst Qiu Yubin pointed out that due to the cost of in-cell, on the perspective of supply chain logistics, foundries profit, regardless of segment modules fit to whom foundry inch-cell foundries, the risks are high. First, the logistics, the original touch capabilities integrated into the process of the TFT-LCD LCD panel, integrated in-cell touch panel design, the most important thing is to streamline supply chain processes, Normal, that is, the TFT-LCD LCD stickers on the internal surface of the glass panel plant after the completion of the in-cell production, direct synthesis of complete in-cell touch module, system and then shipped to the plant can be assembled. TFT-LCD panel plant in-cell, in turn shipped in-cell module plant to do to fit the OEM supply chain processes would be more complicated.

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