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Storm thin-and-light touch territory CMO and CPT OGS, mass production next year

日期: 2012-10-09
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Published:10/09/2012  | Views:543

Beijing on September 6, China touchscreen Reuters, monolithic glass touch solutions (OGS) in 2013 will be fully came out. Following AUO, TPK, Wintek

Touch panel plant up to hung one after another mass production, CMO and CPT’s small and medium size the OGS program also will be put into operation next year;, Chi Mei development 11.6

Inch OGS panel program, combined with Full HD wide viewing angle technology and specifications Asus using CPT OGS panel plans in the six-generation line

Plant production.

CMO, general manager, said Wang Chao, equipped with 11.6-inch dual-panel CMO exclusive development OGS, and the combination of the two wide viewing angle technology AAS

(Azimuthal Anchoring Switch) Full HD panel, which is a panel equipped with WIS (Window Integrated Sensor) touch

Solution, the program is making sensor mode directly on the tempered glass, have successfully resolved the glass and glass laminating products more heavy

Ills, achieve excellent visual effects for thin and full fit, increase the added value of the product.

CMO 11.6 inch dual-panel with the OGS and AAS full HD panel program has ASUS adopted in 2012 Touch Taiwan touch

Panel-cum-optical film manufacturing process, equipment, materials, exhibitions, CMO has exhibited a combination of OGS Asus equipped with 11.6-inch dual-panel CMO

AAS quality panel program, the product can be directly when the ultra-thin notebook (Ultrabook), also using only the superstructure when the tablet device. By

In the front and back of the screen can be active at the same time, allowing two people at the same time through different activities on the screen to improve ease of use and flexible.

The CMO revealed, Asus CMO 11.6-inch dual-panel program, the built-in Windows 8 operating system, and therefore subject to the 2013

Windows 8 listed Asus integration Ultrabook and tablet devices function products, as well as equipped with 11.6-inch dual-panel CMO with

OGS and AAS quality panel program will officially start production.

It is understood that the CMO 11.6-inch dual-panel with the OGS and AAS quality panel program, CMO’s first to import volume production OGS products.

CMO is expected, OGS price dips, and the OGS glass strength upgrade, expected to replace the aluminum-magnesium alloy notebook helps drop

Low overall bill of materials (BOM) cost.

On the other hand, another panel makers CPT has stepped up efforts to expand OGS production, deputy general manager Yu Hung CPT Code comes to six generations the the Huaying Sheng production OGS

The line is expected in early 2013

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