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Corning and Asahi Glass stressed: "The portable panel and flexible panel glass substrate can be used

日期: 2012-09-24
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Published:09/24/2012  | Views:969

Being held in Boston, the world’s largest display Society "2012 SID International Symposium, Seminar &

Exhibition (Display Week 2012) "(SID 2012) after the opening of the second day of June 4, 2012 (local time)

Business meetings. In the first meeting, "Display Executive Keynote Session", the two display glass substrate manufacturers -

Corning and Asahi Glass of Japan has stage prospects for the display and the glass substrate.

The display industry is now at a turning point. Had previously been in the towing industry to the development of large-size TV panel market growth tends to slow down, while

Smartphone use as the center of the small and medium size panel and touch panel demand is growing rapidly. Moreover, the display technology is also required from the past

Large-size characteristics of importance to the the thin lighter and more resistant to shocks mobile terminal changes, this trend is growing. In addition, on the future

Monitor bendable, flexible technology also highly anticipated.

Harbor a strong sense of crisis, of these trends is the glass substrate manufacturers. Because both are thin, lightweight, or to improve impact resistance, and to achieve

Flexible, plastic substrates are an advantage to replace the glass substrate for the target. Plastic substrate originally as "used instead of thick, heavy, Yung

Easy to break, can not bend a glass substrate technology "raised, so much awaited. While the glass substrate was hitherto almost all FPD

Widely used, but lightly, the throne will easily take away the plastic substrate.

During the business meeting, the first by Corning high-performance display sector vice president and general manager John Bayne on ultra-thin, flexible

The "Willow Glass" as well as high impact resistance "Gorilla Glass 2" two kinds of glass products to deliver a speech. After that, the Asahi

Company president Yoshiaki Tamura 0.1mm ultra-thin glass with transporting glass substrate integrated stack technology.

Corning Willow Glass thickness only 100μm. In the speech of the business meeting, Corning introduced to apply color filters and the touch

The advantage of in the plate. When used for a color filter, no additional etching and polishing step, can be achieved while maintaining a fine degree and quality thin

Lightweight. Further, since the bendable, it can also use the volume on the volume manufacturing. Corning said that, starting from the second half of 2012 could provide the

Trial samples of glass products. In addition, the glass for a touch panel, may be the current of 0.4 ~ 0.7mm thickness of the sensor substrate thinned to

0.05 ~ 0.1mm. Moreover, through the the import color filter and TFT array substrate, but also to the overall thickness of the liquid crystal panel with a touch screen Save

Small 30 to 70%. Gorilla Glass glass protective cover in order to be used as a touch panel, improve the impact resistance. New products

Gorilla Glass 2 than the original maximum thinning of 20%.

Asahi Glass introduces stacked technology eliminates the need to transform the existing display production line can handle ultra-thin glass substrate. To be able to use the existing

Volume on the volume delivery of a glass substrate, using the adsorption layer thickness of the ultra-thin glass substrate of 0.1mm and a thickness of 0.5mm shipping

The carrier glass substrates bonded together. In the manufacture of the display, with ordinary glass substrate durability of heat treatment and chemical treatment

. Asahi Glass laminated substrate samples is scheduled to display at SID 2012 exhibition, which opened on June 5 local time.

In addition, the two companies have also stressed that the glass substrate can also be used as the oxide semiconductor and low-temperature polysilicon TFT substrate. Such TFT substrate

Increasing demand in the field of ultra-high-precision LCD panel and high-end organic EL panel display. According to reports, regardless of what kind of TFT substrate

Plate, compared with the original amorphous silicon TFT require higher process temperatures, so stable at high temperature in the glass substrate more favorable.

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