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Beijing August 28, CMO in the 2012 Touch Taiwan touch panel-cum-optical film manufacturing process, equipment, materials exhibition will showcase 3D high-end stereo, touch and innovative display technologies, including: high-resolution rate 56-inch naked eye 3D large-size LCD TV panels, ultra-narrow border 3D large-size LCD TV panels, full touch panel solutions, as well as industrial applications panel technology.Development of high resolution naked eye 3D large-size LCD TV panel: CMO develop a series of large-sized 3D LED LCD TV panel products, 3D technology and then break through the develop...
发布时间: 2012 - 10 - 13
OGS facing critical threshold. iPhone 5 will soon be listed, and it also allows the touch panel industry more anxious, because Apple ready to spend this integrated touch function In-cell Touch panel move if mature touch panel makers will lose their jobs. Invention the elements Li Xiangyu, general manager at the In-cell CTIMES Technology Forum "capacitive touch technology patent impact analysis" lecture that the In-cell Touch technology there are still quite a lot of bottlenecks to be overcome, compared monolithic OGS technology development is more mature, it is still relatively compe...
发布时间: 2012 - 10 - 13
$ 630 billion, Apple became the history of the world’s most valuable company. IPhone5 will soon launch the long-awaited, $ 630 billion for the appleIf terms is perhaps not the end. Apple’s "crazy" agitate the A shares. Han’s Laser released this week reported that the market unexpectedly found that the company "has becomeApple the main laser equipment suppliers, stock berserk by funds immediately.Apple industry chain, not only Han’s Laser, while a number of A-share companies benefit.Apple the concept again stirring A sharesOn August 24, the U.S. court decision in favor of Apple i...
发布时间: 2012 - 10 - 09
Beijing on August 13, the future will focus on the touch the panel preceding paragraph sensing glass, rear section modules fit the panel maker Chi Mei OptoelectronicsSegmentation, diversification trend in response to touch technology and fit way. The industry market research firm the WitsView Research Associate Qiu YubinSo-called fit into two broad categories, including the touch sensor protective glass fit, as well as panel and touch module fit, while the panel withTouch module fit into a box affixed with paste (fully fit). Which all fit the business opportunities will become the battleground...
发布时间: 2012 - 10 - 09
Thin as a sheet of screen can be folded into a pocket; artificial intelligence and augmented reality, these items science fiction, the future is likely to become a people accustomed to the personal electronic appliances.Reuters (Reuters) reported that competition in the smartphone and tablet is still focused on the lighter, thinner, faster processing power, and longer battery life. Increasingly crowded market, to stimulate hardware designers and software engineers to explore new technology to bring more innovation for mobile devices.Some research direction, beyond the limit of the touch screen...
发布时间: 2012 - 10 - 09
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