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OGS is the touch industry technology to defend a territory, OGS full fit

Date: 2012-10-13
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OGS facing critical threshold. iPhone 5 will soon be listed, and it also allows the touch panel industry more anxious, because Apple ready to spend this integrated touch function In-cell Touch panel move if mature touch panel makers will lose their jobs. Invention the elements Li Xiangyu, general manager at the In-cell CTIMES Technology Forum "capacitive touch technology patent impact analysis" lecture that the In-cell Touch technology there are still quite a lot of bottlenecks to be overcome, compared monolithic OGS technology development is more mature, it is still relatively competitive advantage.

OGS 30% cost savings compared to the traditional G / G-type touch panel the transmittance can increase, plus do not change the LCD panel process, the small amount of diversity production, and therefore has become the development trend of the touch panel industry. However, Li Xiangyu reference TPK long Zhangheng Yao pointed out, the OGS program threshold is still high, including the problems faced by the chain reaction of the touch sensitive panel hardness, transmittance industry chain.

The OGS program encountered a problem, that is, do first strong and then cut or first cut before making a strong, said Zhang Hengyao,. Current whole piece of tempered glass in the lithography process more efficient, while the panel faced by the industry’s problem, good tempered glass Instead cutting OGS, is bound to encounter problems in the lithography process, production efficiency and equipment machine will be affected.

The second problem is the touch sensitivity on almost have not control IC LCD and power plants can solve physical noise problems, therefore the IC design technology can tie became OGS truly become the mainstream of the touch panel The key to the application.

Another problem is worth noting, and OGS relative reduction monolithic glass, will eventually pack on a layer of explosion-proof film, but the explosion-proof membrane is prone to yellowing, uneven yield problems. OGS possible towards the full fit (FullLamination) process, eliminating the need for the use of explosion-proof membrane is directly benefit undoubtedly fit factory.

Li Xiangyu also cited China HKUST Professor Lin Yanrui the analysis pointed out that many of today’s touch panel makers during the glass bonding, the habit of using higher production efficiency, thickness uniform optical tape (OCA) laminating technology, but this technology affixing, prone to bubbles and increase the defect rate, and bonding can not be found in tiny bubbles may also be expanded over time, only the purchasing expensive vacuum equipment to be given a chance to suppress bubbles.

In addition to the the bubble problem affects OGS yield, optical tape and not Heavy, most of defective products can only be scrapped, leading to the production and inefficient, and cost pressures increase lamination plant. More desirable approach is to use the liquid optical glue laminating techniques, but in the adjustment of the thickness, maintaining the parallel degree is more difficult, and in the bonding, The liquid optical gel may also be due to pressure overflow beyond the scope of the bonded artificial wipe to solve, caused production inefficiencies problem.

In response to this challenge, TPK has developed the first painting set a boundary around the substrate and then cured four sides, so that the the liquid optical gum KAATSU not overflow, through the the liquid optical glue automated laminating equipment, precision parameters set amount of glue, exhibition glue speed and smoothness, time to solve the problem when bonding bubble residual glue overflow handling, uneven coating and entrained dust.

Overall, although the OGS is considered the unique technology of the touch industry to consolidate sites, but Li Xiangyu said: "Almost no one vendor proposed solution to be resolved, hardness, touch sensitivity transmittance Therefore, truly be used by high-end touch products the OGS, technology evolution will take some time.


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