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CMO touch panel exhibition show 3D stereoscopic high-end touch technology

Date: 2012-10-13
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Beijing August 28, CMO in the 2012 Touch Taiwan touch panel-cum-optical film manufacturing process, equipment, materials exhibition will showcase 3D high-end stereo, touch and innovative display technologies, including: high-resolution rate 56-inch naked eye 3D large-size LCD TV panels, ultra-narrow border 3D large-size LCD TV panels, full touch panel solutions, as well as industrial applications panel technology.

Development of high resolution naked eye 3D large-size LCD TV panel: CMO develop a series of large-sized 3D LED LCD TV panel products, 3D technology and then break through the development of high-resolution large-size TV panels 3D 56 inch QFHD with (56 inch 3D4K2K) naked eye use of high-resolution panels and high fine Fix Barrier naked eye, to show the technical leadership and product positioning to provide more high-end models, finer screen viewing any 3D picture more three-dimensional and realistic initial used in commercial, medical purposes, will be extended in the future to the popularity of home entertainment and other applications.

Ultra-narrow border 3D large-size LCD TV Panel: CMO development of large-sized 3D LED 39-inch, 50-inch and 65-inch Series ultra-narrow bezel LCD TV panel, 6mm and 7.5mm (65-inch) ultra-narrow border, coupled with consistent The energy consumption of the design of a Chinese energy standards, to provide customers products of high added value and high competitiveness choice. Most of the industry’s 65-inch grade large-size models designed in 9.9mm, CMO breakthrough to solve the problem of large-size frame bezel, 65-inch border up to 7.5mm institutions can also be designed with a of FHD high resolution (4K2K) panel compatible, enables organizations to maximize design flexibility, effectively enhance the use of client product value and market operating flexibility. This series of large-size ultra-narrow bezel LCD TV panel use SG (Shutter Glass) 3D TV technology, a breakthrough 2D to 3D software control at any time to switch 2D/3D screen without distortion.

Self-developed, full touch panel solutions: CMO continuous development and improvement of touch technology in conjunction with display application technology, widely used in the consumer aspects of life by enhancing the human-computer interaction interface, effective way to help users more convenient and more friendly operation environment. CMO exhibited 9.7-inch and 11.6-inch touch panel, touch panel to provide customers with a complete solution, 9.7-inch touch panel independent technology development completed by the CMO Cover Lens (capacitive touch panel, the successful combination of protective glass) Glass TP Sensor (glass capacitive touch panel) or Film TP Sensor (thin film capacitive touch panel), LCD (liquid crystal display), to achieve excellent optical performance, and show the characteristics of light. The 11.6-inch touch panel touch solutions WIS (Window Integrated Sensor) better LCD, optical transmittance, superior display quality mode due to the direct production of the sensors on the tempered glass, the successful resolution of glass and glass paste together after heavy products, achieve slim and fit

Excellent visual effects, enhance the competitiveness of their products.

Industrial applications panel technology, to create a wide temperature operating environment: CMO developed a complete range of industrial, diversified choice for customers with a wide-screen LCD product line. In addition to this exhibit 12.1-inch and 15.4-inch wide-screen LCD panel, 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch wide-screen LCD panel with wide viewing angle, high brightness and XGA resolution, so that customers have more choices, and significantly reduce limit the use of the end-user environment.

Industrial LCD panel is widely used in factory equipment, cash registers, ordering machine, ATM automatic teller machines. CMO industrial applications LCD panel technology to customer needs as a starting point, have a wide operating temperature range (operating temperature range of -30 ~ 80 ℃) characteristics, it applies to all kinds of harsh operating environment, such as a freezer, steelworks or use of the environment under the summer sun high temperature irradiation, in addition, CMO industrial applications LCD panel uses a long-life LED light source, and a removable light source characteristics, can effectively extend the life of the product, replacement cost savings for customers.

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