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Panel Shuanghu separately into: the innovative ideas AUO, CMO seek first to earn

Date: 2012-10-09
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It is reported that Taiwan’s two major TFT-LCD panel maker AU Optronics, Chi Mei Optoelectronics past in the development of product technology strategy is almost the same, but the outside world feel significantly different. AUO in flat panel displays, solar (green career) at the same time development, and continued investment in product development of high-end display technology, for example, AMOLED, Oxide TFT, OGS touch, in-cell, etc., expectations innovative ideas to fight breakout . CMO after debt negotiation efforts focus on improvement in the operating performance of the first fight into profits say, including the ongoing introduction of new Dimensions TV panels, the implementation of various internal

Sophisticated management, strengthening procurement and cost structure competitive.

The CMO recently active new dimensions panel, the goal is to improve the utilization of glass (substrate), that is, the original production again to upgrade, and reduce cost. CMO glass utilization can reach 85% -87% even if the high water level, but the utilization of new aircraft products glass can reach more than 95%.

It is estimated that the CMO in 2011 the average TV panel shipment size is about 32-33 inches after those firms 39-inch, 50-inch and other new models shipped CMO in 2012 the average TV panel shipments Dimensions has magnified 3 -4 inch (about came to 35-37 inches). In addition, the CMO 6 Line, the new 65-inch panel was sent in September this year, the kind of certification. The same production line and cast films, the average shipping Dimensions enlarged, so the production efficiency, relatively lower cost.

CMO average monthly TV panel shipments of approximately 420-450 million tablets, which New Dimensions panel (including 39-inch, 50-inch, and focus on new products in the second half of this year 29-inch, 58-inch, and so on) shipments the total volume of approximately $ 1.4 million / month, accounting for approximately one-third of the overall TV panel shipment proportion. Estimate the proportion of the fourth quarter of New Dimensions panel also improved. Although the company did not disclose the gross profit margin of the New Dimensions panel, but it is understood the new the Dimensions panel’s profit degree superior to traditional bulk Dimensions panel.

Whole CMO recently in the development of the large size panel, is continuing toward the high-priced, high-value-added direction of development. Chinese customers this year, putting forward proposals, hope and CMO to maintain long-term stability of the high number of supplier relationship, but the CMO hope the long-term strategy as the first priority, followed by the high number of agreements. The IGZO TFT, small and medium-Dimensions AMOLED and other new products, are still in the fastest possible at the end of 2012 or early 2013, there will be little achievements (possibly a small amount of production). Which, AMOLED panel will initially LTPS production line production in Toppoly Old factory.

AUO stage simultaneous development of new generation display technology related products, including AMOLED, Oxide TFT, the monolithic glass OGS touch technology embedded in-cell (integrated) touch technology and so on. AUO’s new 4.3-inch AMOLED panel resolution of 257ppi, was the third quarter of 2012, mass production. The company is located in Singapore, also plans to invest 4.5 generation AMOLED production line (cast film on the amount of 15,000), the plan will be out in 2013.

The Oxide TFT aspects AUO system 6th generation line AMOLED with Oxide backplane into relevant technical product development, the company that higher resolution in the future, it may also be applied to Oxide technology, such as 4Kx2K high-resolution TV panel and so on.

Touch technology production OGS panel, this year launched the second generation of OGS new products to volume production shipments are expected later this year, after another. However, AUO ultimate goal of the development of touch technology, or hope that the future will allow customers a total solution AUO combination of touch and TFT-LCD (ie Touch + Panel). In addition, the embedded touch technology In-cell is also put into the preparation.

However, AUO bet a lot of resources and manpower in the development of new technology products, innovative ideas, but to enhance the glass utilization, the introduction of new Dimensions products, the expansion of both TV panel business, has not been idle. AUO recently actively Depreciation near the end of the 6-generation line production of 65-inch, 39-inch panel, and strengthen cost competitiveness, also launched a 7.5-generation line of 50-inch panel, so that a more complete product line.

Transparent display The AUO Another new product, the company launched the 50-inch transparent display, it is learned has entered cooperation with customers design the product stage, future addition to imported Vending Machine, smart restaurant application market, more expectations can be made windows, replace the glass of the building construction.

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