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One Glass craft set off thin the wind

Date: 2012-10-09
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Currently, the cutting-edge technology of a new generation of touch panel "One Glass", the domestic brands love can be the first to adopt this technology, successful implementation of the fuselage light, thin, and become a new focus of the industry.

One Glass craft is to touch the glass (Touch Sensor) with protection glass (Cover Glass) integration, which is generally protect the inside of the glass is coated with ITO conductive layer, so the monolithic glass not only have to protect the strength of the glass , security, as well as both the touch function.

One Glass technology as the advanced touch panel technology, due to its own advantages and geographical advantages, will become a powerful weapon of the major domestic manufacturers and enterprises compete for the high-end market.

It is understood, there is a relatively common touch panel technology solutions: Touch On Lens (integration, integrated touch layer and cover glass) and In-Cell/On-Cell (touch film display panel integrated) two. Due to cost advantages, Touch OnLens for the domestic flat-panel supplier widely used, while South Korea’s Samsung, are more inclined to In-Cell/On-Cell. In addition, chief analyst of the International Electronic Business Sun Changxu on the "Daily Economic News" said that Apple’s next generation iPhone screen or On-Cell technology will be used. On-Cell technology actually similar to the works of the "One Glass".

Projected capacitive touch panel, the market generally use two glass structure, which is a touch glass with a protective glass (the traditional G + G, G+ F touch screen thickness is generally 1.4mm). "One Glass" technology in ensuring stability, transmittance, panel strength is superb in the case, the use of high-tech and new design, the two glass compression fused into a thickness of only G + G / G+ F half is 0.7mm, making the end product design lighter, thinner.

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