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The tablet future development trends slim compact foldable

Date: 2012-10-09
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Thin as a sheet of screen can be folded into a pocket; artificial intelligence and augmented reality, these items science fiction, the future is likely to become a people accustomed to the personal electronic appliances.

Reuters (Reuters) reported that competition in the smartphone and tablet is still focused on the lighter, thinner, faster processing power, and longer battery life. Increasingly crowded market, to stimulate hardware designers and software engineers to explore new technology to bring more innovation for mobile devices.

Some research direction, beyond the limit of the touch screen, change toward the development of a wearable computer, such as Google Glass. Microsoft is studying 3D lens, to create a three-dimensional image of the phone callers. Samsung (Samsung) concept movie, showing bendable, transparent 3D smartphone / tablet hybrid device.

Be deemed to replace the LCD screen of the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) has been used in a few products, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note smartphone. OLED will develop a foldable and bendable screen, with more elaborate and robust components used in smartphones peace panel.

In addition to experimenting with different materials, manufacturers and academic institutions, research and development of state-of-the-art screen. Such as Microsoft and Rice University (RiceUniversity), Samsung, cooperation with the Stanford University Department of Chemical Engineering.

Professor Zhenan Bao at Stanford team has developed a stretchable, ultra-sensitive, and solar-powered electronic skin (electronic skin), sensitive to light touch, such as mosquitoes. This technology has attracted many companies inquiring. Professor Bao said enterprises seeking to replace the current silicon, and lower prices, more compatible with the plastic matrix, and the performance as good alternatives.

Famous Apple selection of specialty glass manufacturer Corning Gorilla Glass (Corning) noise, the company’s newly developed ultra-thin curved glass Willow Glass, it is possible to screen coated outer device.

Currently, many companies still focus on the size of the screen and the price, hoping to break the Apple iPad dominate the market situation. Industry have pointed out, one of the areas of the tablet has yet to be developed excellent input, including the physical input and voice input. Apple applied for a patent in May of this year, that is, how to use the physical input to change the touch screen surface.

The manufacturers are trying to improve gesture to identify amplified reality and voice control technology. The IBM partner Bernie Meyerson expected, Artificial Intelligence in the next few years there will be a major breakthrough in human and their device real, spoken dialogue and interaction. Surface tablet released by Microsoft in June, with a protective cover doubles as a keyboard. In fact, laser projection keyboard has been the advent of the mobile devices Bluetooth link. Others, such as waterproof coating improved, may be added to the future of the tablet and smartphone products.

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