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The touch technology diversification full stickers synthesis battleground

Date: 2012-10-09
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Beijing on August 13, the future will focus on the touch the panel preceding paragraph sensing glass, rear section modules fit the panel maker Chi Mei Optoelectronics

Segmentation, diversification trend in response to touch technology and fit way. The industry market research firm the WitsView Research Associate Qiu Yubin

So-called fit into two broad categories, including the touch sensor protective glass fit, as well as panel and touch module fit, while the panel with

Touch module fit into a box affixed with paste (fully fit). Which all fit the business opportunities will become the battleground, including traditional touch mode

Group factory, panel plant, the professional lamination plant, assembly plant of the notebook computer system, is actively planning to get into this market.

Qiu Yubin pointed out that each of the vendors are relying on niche cut into (touch panel module) all fit the business, including fitting yield advantage

One-stop business integration panel with touch module, or to meet customer demand for one-stop shopping, starting from different angles, together with their own strengths, mesh

The former is also difficult to determine what type of company to market together in the whole paste victory. However, it is possible to determine the input of numerous manufacturers will

Help depression laminating equipment and material costs, while speeding up the pace of improvement of the yield full-fit, full lamination technology and long-term development

Words, are positive and people look forward to.

Provided that the cost is not yet in place, plus the demand is still embryonic stage, WitsView forecast 2012 all fit the practical application in the tablet

On the proportion of the Brain and touch notebook, only 9% and 16%, respectively. However, due to the mobile device product development to enhance the visual experience has become

Spindle, high resolution panel after another import, it is expected that all fit with the critical core of the next stage. Expected that 2013 full fit

The demand will be significant growth in the Tablet PC and touch notebook computer equipped with rate is expected to increase to 38% and 45%, respectively.

Qiu Yubin further, according to the subject matter of the different industry (touch panel module) fit into two broad categories, including,

Touch sensor protection glass laminating technology has been moving into the mature, can be discussed in a relatively limited space, the next focus of the market

Will be transferred to the panel and touch module both fit.

The so-called box paste stickers called word of mouth, it is based on a double-sided adhesive fixed the four sides of the touch module panel, which is also the Head

Fit before most of the Tablet PC. The advantage is that construction is easy, and low cost, but because of the panel and touch module

Air layer display reducing the effects of light refraction, which is the biggest shortcoming box paste.

Sticking generally also known as full-fit, that is, water glue or optical plastic (solid) panel and touch module seamless manner Ends

Full-adhesive together. In addition to providing a better display, touch module with the panel closely integrated compared to the box stickers, all fit

Strength has improved and, in addition, full fit more effectively reduce the interference caused by the panel the noise of touch signals.

In fact, the whole lamination technology used in high-end smart phone touch panel module has been operating for many years, the current Apple iPhone

4S phone is fit technology. However, full-fit technical benefits are numerous, and the cost is relatively expensive, leading to many interested in adopting this paste

The aggregate technology vendors reluctant to enter. Industry completely fit the "average offer more than 10,000 U.S. dollars, plus the larger the area, the worse the fit yield limit

Proportion of practical applications on the Tablet PC or greater Dimensions touch notebook, this full-fit, few and far between.

However, WitsView optimistic that recent sales of warm Google Nexus 7 October is about to open to sell Microsoft Surface level

Board computer, are full fit technology, because the average consumer with the naked eye can clearly distinguish the effect of the display to fit the box paste

Differences. I believe With these indicators adopted another is bound to contribute to the follow-up full-fit the technology to the public.

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