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iPhone5 listed optical film 300 million orders

Date: 2012-10-09
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$ 630 billion, Apple became the history of the world’s most valuable company. IPhone5 will soon launch the long-awaited, $ 630 billion for the apple

If terms is perhaps not the end. Apple’s "crazy" agitate the A shares. Han’s Laser released this week reported that the market unexpectedly found that the company "has become

Apple the main laser equipment suppliers, stock berserk by funds immediately.

Apple industry chain, not only Han’s Laser, while a number of A-share companies benefit.

Apple the concept again stirring A shares

On August 24, the U.S. court decision in favor of Apple in a patent case with Samsung, Boosted by the news, Apple’s shares on August 27

And Japan rose 1.88 percent, and eventually closed at $ 675.68, reaching record highs. The market capitalization of up to $ 633.3 billion, breaking Microsoft in 1999, the end of record

Under the record to become the world’s most valuable company.

In the context of the upcoming next-generation Apple iPhone5, Apple’s best days may be yet to come.

It is reported that Apple will be recycled in the United States iPhone4s. The recycling program is considered to be the signal of the upcoming release of iPhone5.

Apple’s crazy, but also extends to the domestic A-shares. This week, in the context of the broader market continued weak, Han’s Laser suddenly broke out,

It is stained with the Apple concept to become one of the most dazzling stock.

"Reported in line with expectations, and the notice of the three quarterly greatly exceeded everyone’s expectations," hot money from Hangzhou Chapter President said.

The Daily News revealed that the first half of Han’s Laser revenues of 1.742 billion; net profit of 167 million, down 10.63%; earnings per share

0.16 yuan. The first three quarters forecast net profit of 432 million to 489 million, an increase of 50% to 70%.

"Apple procurement the laser information marking equipment and laser welding equipment, we believe as the Apple iPhone, iPad and other products continue

Amplitude expansion, the company procurement from Apple will continue rapid growth. "CIC Securities ORCHARD analyzed, he gave Han’s Laser Apple upstart"

The title, a target price of $ 10. Optimistic about the seller than CIC investment, the Great Wall have also said they saw.

Secondary market to give a positive reaction, Han’s Laser week for two consecutive daily limit, and buy most of the institutional investors.

SW Securities apple industry chain is still the subject of the most security investment and continue to be optimistic about the stock is relatively strong in the apple industry chain

Potential performance. "

A shares, in addition to the Han’s Laser which companies in the apple industry chain, who are expected to benefit future?

Jin Fu new material domestic optical film and the function key leading enterprises, part of the production of photovoltaic thin film devices indirect supply Apple iPad

To use.

300 million from Apple’s annual sales revenue is expected to

In 2009, Jin Fu new material successfully develop Radiant Opto-Electronics and other important customers. Last year, Radiant Opto-Electronics has become the largest passenger of Jin Fu new material

Households. With Radiant Opto-rising share of the orders in the apple industry chain, Jin Fu new material has also ushered in a thin film devices sales revenue fast


Jin Fu new material results show that in 2011, the company from Radiant Opto-Electronics operating revenue of $ 2.26 billion, accounting for more than operating income

Accounted for 18.91% of sales revenue from Apple in 2012, continues to rise.

Huatai Securities researcher Liang Kai, pointed out, "In 2012, Apple chose LGD, Samsung Electronics and Sharp as iPad3 LCD screen panel

Suppliers. Half from Radiant Opto-Electronics, Samsung iPad3 LCD panel backlight module the LGD production of iPad3 panel backlight module is full

Ministry from Radiant Opto-Electronics, Sharp backlight module uses the same Radiant Opto-Electronics, Jin Fu new material penetration into the apple Radiant Opto-Electronics

Fruit Company Tablet PC supply chain. ’

The sales revenue of 218 million yuan in 2011, Jin Fu new material from Apple products, the company entered the apple industry chain

For functional devices such as the Apple Tablet PC viscose insulation.

Liang Kai, said the first quarter of 2012, Apple’s iPad shipments reached 11.8 million units expected global iPad shipments in 2012

Is expected to reach 65 million units, an increase of 35% from 48 million in 2011.

"In addition, Jin Fu new material there is a small part of the optical thin film devices supplier to Apple iphone phone, but a relatively small proportion of

The first quarter of 2012, iPhone shipments of 35.1 million units, a year-on-year growth of 88.17%, expected full-year shipments of the iPhone is expected to exceed 1

One hundred million. "Prediction.

According to this description, the as Radiant Opto rising share of orders in the apple industry chain, Jin Fu new material shipments

Will also show rapid growth. Liang Kai learned that the first quarter of 2012, Jin Fu new material from Apple’s sales revenue reached 070 million yuan,

Calculated in accordance with the current iPad shipments ratio from Apple in 2012 sales revenue is expected to reach 300 million yuan, a conservative estimate is also 2.8


Jin Fu new material gross margin can be effectively guaranteed capacity, due to the generally higher unit sales orders from Apple

, So the company by optimizing management, scientific planning and capacity allocation, to guarantee the "Apple" brand market selling products related to aircraft capacity.

Guotai Junan analyst Wang Zhen, Apple is expected following the March launch NewiPad Hot the new iPadMini also expected

Will be launched in the second half of this year, according to Gartner predicts that Apple iPad sales this year will reach 73 million units, up nearly doubled. "We expect

Kam Fu new material this year, revenue from Apple will continue to be increased substantially, and relatively traditional products, Apple products, consolidated gross profit margin to be higher on the increase

The thick Company profits have a positive effect. ’

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